HOCl is the Safe, Effective, and Versatile Ingredient for Use in Disinfectants and Sanitizers


What is HOCl?

A natural, SAFE substance made in the white blood cells inside our bodies which helps fight off germs.

Outside of our bodies, HOCl is made with salt, water and electricity.


Is HOCl Safe to Humans?

Yes, it is used in drinking water and for wound and eye care.

It is listed by the FDA on the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.

Material safety data sheets typically list HOCl sanitizer/disinfectants as having no harmful effects if inhaled, contacted with the skin, or eyes nor if ingested. 

What are common uses for the ingredient in HOCl?

Cleaning Solutions

In disinfectants/sanitizers to kill bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus

It is listed on environmental agency websites as an approved virucide

First Aid

Wound Care

Eye care

Other Uses

To treat drinking water

To treat swimming pool water

For use in growing organic fruits and vegetables

For use in “bio-tunnels” to “mist” people entering buildings

Learn more about HOCl and how it can be used.

How is HOCl sold?

HOCl is available in liquid concentrations of 200 ppm to 500 ppm (.025% to .050%) for disinfecting/sanitizing and packaged in various size containers.

HOCl products are also produced and used In REAL TIME. (e.g. to treat drinking water or swimming pool water)


How to Decide Where to Buy HOCl


Is the product registered with the EPA? www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/selected-epa-registered-disinfectants 

Is the product registered with your State Chemist’s Office or Pesticide office (every state has one and every state regulates disinfectants in addition to the US EPA)

Decide how much support you’ll need from the company re:  product application, safety, training of staff

Is product in stock and how quickly can it be shipped (reduces the inventory level you’ll need)

Check the reputation of the people running the company


Companies selling pre-packaged HOCl products
Companies selling HOCl production equipment

Where can HOCl be used as a disinfectant/sanitizer?

Hospitals (patient rooms, lobbys, cafeterias, public areas)

Schools (Buses, lunchrooms, classrooms, locker-rooms, atheletic areas, restrooms, auditoriums)

Arena and Stadiums (seats, vendor booths, suites, restrooms)

Office buildings

Military (tanks, ships, barracks, mess halls, PX)

Office buildings (public areas, restrooms, conference rooms)

Airplanes (cabins, lavatories, galleys)

First-responder vehicles for firemen, policemen, EMTs

Daycare and Senior Care centers

How HOCl is applied as a disinfectant/sanitizer.

Mobile mounted fogging machines (for extremely large areas e.g. stadiums)

Drum-mounted foggers (for blasting large rooms)

Hand-held electric fogger (for mobile use indoors and out)

Pump-up garden sprayers

Trigger sprayers






 Created for educational purposes. August 2020.